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Please call Alicia to confirm attendance. COVID restrictions apply.

Soulistas means zest for life, love and protection of nature, care for the oppressed and love of song and music!

“Singing is the best thing you can do for your soul”, (Rosie L.)

Join our fun and friendly community choir and make a difference. We are very inclusive; reading music not required.

Soul was formed in October 2017.

Wednesdays 6.30 – 8.30pm during school term.
Coburg Uniting Church, 19 Victoria Street (Cnr. Louisa Street) Coburg
(Note Soulistas is not a religious choir)

More info:
Alicia: 0425 728 427


Soul Theatre Inc. presents an 8 part series of diverse and creative Sustainability Workshops addressing issues of climate change and environmental destruction, delivered by experienced and respected practitioners. Attend all 8 workshops to best participate in the finale debate: CLIMATE CHANGE – Politics vs. Community/Activism: 
which has the most influence in helping reduce the CRISES?

WORKSHOPS – note recent changes in red

8 Sept, 6-9pm Fire, Drought, Desertification & Restoration  Daryl Taylor with Jade King

15 Sept, 5-8pm IPCC and Empowerment  Professor David Karoly with Carole Wilkinson

13 Oct, 2-5pm Anthony Gleeson with Adrian Whitehead

20 Oct, 2-5pm Leigh Ewbank with Alicia Liley

27 Oct, 2.30-5.30pm   Cam Walker with Alex Sangster

10 Nov, 5-8pm  Environmental & Ecosystem Restoration  Rob McBride & 
David Maher with Bob Sedergreen

17 Nov, 2-5pm Cr. Peter Castaldo and Adrian Whitehead (repeat of his presentation of 13 October)

24 Nov, 2-5pm  Debate Finale Yin Paradies, Cr. Amanda Stone and 
Cr. Danae Bosler, Mayor – City of Yarra

VENUE  Nth. Fitzroy Library/Community HUB: 
182-186 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

PRICE  This 8 workshop series is completely FREE! 
But bookings are essential –  via Facebook event and Trybooking

Download a printable poster here.For further

Thanks to our sponsors:


‘The Last Angel’ (2015)

We’re very excited to announce that we have found some lost footage from 2015. This is a short excerpt of ‘The Last Angel’ performed in 2015. Performers include Alicia Liley, Martin Foot and Chris Gregory.

2002 – NUTS by Tom Topor

Soul Theatre’s production for 2002 was Nuts by Tom Topor

ARTISTIC NOTES : Bringing awareness about realistic issues of family dysfunction, sexual assault and mental illness in order to lessen the common, yet hidden, prolific occurrences
PURPOSE : To raise awareness/to bring conversation about the following issues, so as to bring attention/so as to reduce the traumas, in relation to Family Dysfunction; Sexual Assault and Mental Illness

  • The Brotherhood of St. Laurence;
  • Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA);
  • The Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Inc.

VENUE      : Trades Hall
SEASON    : 27 June to 14 July 2002
DIRECTOR : David Myles


Soul Theatre’s Benefit by Sam Shepard & artists.


The Benefit consisted of four scenes from A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard. After each scene, Alicia Liley stepped out of character to explain the circumstances about ABI as depicted in the scene.

After Interval, an arts extravaganza consisted of:

  • Alicia Liley singing solo;
  • Judy Jacques and Bob Sedergreen jammed with Alicia;
  • Original poetry recital by Alicia Liley backed by Judy Jacques and Bob Sedergreen;
  • Original music by guitarists Andrew Pendlebury and Doug de Vries
  • Alicia Liley danced to original music of Doug de Vries and Andrew Pendlebury;
  • Comedy from Bob Franklin

PURPOSE  : Raising finances for the continuation of Soul Theatre Inc.