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2012-2015: Climamania Project events C1 through C5


Exasperated for simply producing finances (that only achieved $20K: from The Ian Potter Foundation, 21-12-2010 and The R.E. Ross Trust, 17-05-2011 of $10K each), Alicia was determined to communicate and educate the essence and various aspects of the Climate Change Crisis, so LAUNCHED The Climamania Project in 2012 with various creative events:

These took the form of four presentation/performances, known as C1 through C4.

18 March, 2012: C1 – Climamania Launch Event

16 June, 2012: C2 – Climamania  Event Nr 2, continuing the momentum

6 September 2012: C3 – Climamania Event Number 3, schools’ performance of Groundtruthing by Peter Hardy

10 November 2012: C4 – Climamania Event Number 4, Bob Brown and other speakers, plus a performance of Groundtruthing by Peter Hardy

In 2013 and 2014, Soul faced personal and organisational challenges, which meant that no productions were realised in those years. 2015 offered the opportunity to present several Short Plays on Climate Change that were waiting in the wings. Soul registered for the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival with:

28 September – 4 October 2015: C5 – Climamania Event Number 5, The Climamania Mini-Festival of Short Plays and Music

which also included comedy and poetry.

2008 – CHRYSALIS by Dina Ross

Soul Theatre’s production for 2008 was Dina Ross’s Chrysalis

ARTISTIC NOTES : Stunning poster design created by R-Co depicting hidden infants submerged underneath butterfly wings.
PURPOSE : To raise awareness of the horrors of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
REVIEW: Kate Herbert Theatre Reviews, 2008:

VENUE : La Mama Carlton Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street

SEASON : 6 – 23 August, 2008
DIRECTOR : David Myles


Soul Theatre’s production for 2006 was Janet Brown’s Dolly Stainer of Kew Cottages

ARTISTIC NOTES : This production is SOUL’s first multi-media production. This play illuminates the world of institutionalized care in twentieth century Australia through the moving story of Dolly Stainer, a real live person who was left as a neglected five year old at The Mental Asylum in 1915. Here she remained for 75 years, developing just as the Asylum changed into The Kew Cottages.
PURPOSE : To celebrate what one can achieve regardless of impediments or circumstances; To raise awareness about Downs Syndrome.
BENEFICIARIES : The Kew Cottages Parents Association; Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability, Inc. (VALID).
REVIEW: The Age, 2006:

VENUE : La Mama Carlton Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street

SEASON : 9 – 29 August, 2006
DIRECTOR : David Myles

2004 – LAUGHING WILD by Christopher Durang

Soul Theatre’s production for 2004 was Christopher Durang’s Laughing Wild

ARTISTIC NOTES : Passionately raising awareness about Global Warming to a non-informed society, as well as about Depression, via this comedy!

PURPOSE : To raise awareness about Global warming and Depression BENEFICIARIES : Environment Victoria; Mental Illness Foundation.

VENUE : Polyglot Theatre, 27A Cromwell Road, South Yarra SEASON : 11 – 28 November, 2004
DIRECTOR : David Myles

2003 – TWO by Ron Elisha

Soul Theatre’s production for 2003 was Ron Elisha’s Two

ARTISTIC NOTES : SOUL’s production of Two was stimulated by the horrors of the 9/11 Twin Towers aeroplanes’ crash. Set shortly after WW II, SOUL is questioning society, “Haven’t we learned from History’s mistakes?”
PURPOSE : To generate more compassion and understanding; To help reduce the many frictions within the world.
BENEFICIARIES : The Jewish Holocaust Museum; Jewish Museum of Australia.

VENUE      : Theatreworks, 14 Acland Street, St. Kilda
SEASON    : 6 – 29 November
DIRECTOR : David Myles