2009 ongoing: The Climamania Project

Oh Honeys, there just are way too many deaths and destruction occurring throughout the world. It is mankind’s responsibility to protect our home – Alicia Liley [Baa Atoll, Maldives, image courtesy Creative Commons BY-SA] More »

2008 – CHRYSALIS by Dina Ross

Stunning poster design created by R-Co depicting hidden infants submerged underneath butterfly wings. To raise awareness of the horrors of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). More »


This production is SOUL’s first multi-media production. This play illuminates the world of institutionalized care in twentieth century Australia through the moving story of Dolly Stainer, a real live person who was left as a neglected five year old at The Mental Asylum in 1915. Here she remained for 75 years, developing just as the Asylum changed into The Kew Cottages. More »

2004 – LAUGHING WILD by Christopher Durang

Passionately raising awareness about Global Warming to a non-informed society, as well as about Depression, via this comedy! More »

2003 – TWO by Ron Elisha

SOUL’s production of Two was stimulated by the horrors of the 9/11 Twin Towers aeroplanes’ crash. Set shortly after WW II, SOUL is questioning society, “Haven’t we learned from History’s mistakes?” More »

2002 – NUTS by Tom Topor

Bringing awareness about realistic issues of family dysfunction, sexual assault and mental illness in order to lessen the common, yet hidden, prolific occurrences More »


The Benefit consisted of four scenes from A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard. After each scene, Alicia Liley stepped out of character to explain the circumstances about ABI as depicted in the scene. More »

1994 – A LIE OF THE MIND by Sam Shepard

Soul Theatre’s production A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard was selected as our inaugural production because the protagonist Beth acquires brain injury from domestic violence. Both issues align to Soul Theatre’s mission statement. Alicia Liley who perfomed this character Beth, also has acquired brain injury (ABI) from a near-fatal car accident. She saw many correlations between Beth’s and her own recovery. More »


2015 – Climamania Festival of Short Plays and Music (C5)

Climamania – Mini-Festival of Short Plays and Music

presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

28 September to 4 October, 2015

Brunswick Mechanics Institute, cnr Glen Lyon and Sydney Roads, Brunswick
Tuesday – Sunday at 6.30pm, 90 minutes duration
Do you have an angry polar bear in your swimming pool? Look again. Bjorn and his Inuit mates are in town, mightily pissed off about the climate change crisis, global warming and the shrinking ice caps. So say authors Gerald Frape and Peter Hardy (a climate scientist who spent four years working in the Arctic).

Soul Theatre presents a mini-festival of theatre, poetry, comedy and music about the climate change crisis and what we’re not doing about it.

Join Australian jazz icon Bob Sedergreen, comic master Rod Quantock* and the Soul Theatre ensemble as they put a carbon-neutral rocket under our entrenched complacency. (Please note: Rod Quantock not appearing on Friday, 2 October).

More information here.

The Climamania Project Stimulus

Having been a Climate Change Activist since late 2002, Alicia Liley proposed to SOUL’s Board at the 2009 AGM that Soul Theatre Inc. produce a production, educating society and the politicians about the incredible seriousness of the Climate Change Crisis – before it is way too late!

Everyone agreed, so as Artistic Director, Alicia searched for a single Playwright for SOUL to commission on this play tackling the Climate Change Crisis

She obtained the performing rights to The Australian Premiere of The Contingency Plan by UK playwright, Steve Waters. The Contingency Plan.

The Contingency Plan is composed of two full length plays, On the Beach and Resilience.

To assist with SOUL’s purpose of this Climate Change message, Alicia had previously curated various other art forms in addition to this production.

These creative events of music, poetry, photography, comedy, poetry and Climate Science speakers are an addition to the combination of Short Plays, with all creative endeavours aligning with the theme of Climate Change.

This has taken shape as Climamania: Festival of Short Plays and Music.

2012 – The Climamania Project Event Nr 4 (C4)

Soul Theatre’s fourth production for 2012 was The Climamania Project Event Nr 4 (C4).

ARTISTIC NOTES: Alicia had been trying to acquire Senator Bob Brown to speak on behalf of Climamania since November 2010, as they intermittently meet over the years, and inevitably discuss SOUL. Bob had agreed to help SOUL Theatre ever since 2002! At last, he delivered!
To highlight the unending concerns about the Climate Change Crisis
BENEFICIARY : SOUL’s Climamania Project

VENUE : Meat Market Arts Centre, North Melbourne
SEASON : Saturday November 10, 2012
DIRECTOR : Alicia Liley

2012 – The Climamania Project Event Nr 3 (C3)

Soul Theatre’s second production for 2012 was The Climamania Project Event Nr 3 (C3).

ARTISTIC NOTES: Performance of Groundtruthing, by climate scientist Peter Hardy
PURPOSE : for the 4th Earth Action Conference, involving several schools, co-ordinated by Lorna Brooks, Yr. 11 Coordinator/Sustainable Schools Coordinator at Mill Park Secondary College
BENEFICIARIES : SOUL’s Climamania Project; student audience

VENUE : Mill Park Secondary College
SEASON : Thursday, September 6, 2012
DIRECTOR : Alicia Liley

2012 – The Climamania Project Event Nr 2 (C2)

Soul Theatre’s second production for 2012 was The Climamania Project Event Nr 2 (C2).

PURPOSE : Continuing the Climamania momentum, since many people wanted to see it again from seeing C1 and many also were unable to attend C1
BENEFICIARY : SOUL’s Climamania Project

VENUE : St. Martin’s Community Church, 215 Wellington St., Collingwood
SEASON : Saturday June 16, 2012
DIRECTOR : Alicia Liley