Tomorrow’s Wake

A new work, yet to be written, about drought, a community in crisis and the need for effective climate change action. A play for the coming age, by celebrated playwright Michael Gray Griffith, for performance by Soul Theatre Inc. in 2021.

SOUL acknowledges assistance received in 2020 for development of this production from Creative Victoria under the Sustaining Creative Workers initiative.

A lonely man is cleaning a dilapidated church that is being buffeted by a dust storm. We will find out the church is soon to be pulled down, as it is seen as structurally unsafe. The old man is cleaning it out of homage to a previous popular priest now dead. To a time of rain and glory. 

Then a rare young priest turns up. He is quiet, mysterious and his black clothes are covered in the dust of the dust storm approaching from outside. Soon everything will be dark. 

Fifty years ago he would simply be given the upmost respect, for he would have been seen as the guardian of our moral compass, the one guiding us to hope. Now he has none of these accolades, now he would attract only suspicion, and yet despite it all here he is and, despite the great secret he’s holding and will soon reveal, he is setting up the neglected altar, and preparing as to whether these refugees join him or not to celebrate mass.

Michael Gray Griffith is best known for his recent plays:

• The Magnolia Tree
• When Icebergs Burn
• Marooned
• Adrifting Through the Vomit Generation
• Australia Dot Com
• Decoupage Skin
• The Indifferent Revolutionist

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