Role: Volunteer Coordinator (voluntary)

Title Volunteer Coordinator (voluntary)
Categories Volunteer Roles
Location Melbourne
Job Information

PD – Volunteer Coordinator, Soul Theatre Inc.

Note: This is a voluntary position.

The Company:
Soul Theatre Incorporated creates community based, high quality productions of a professional standard that are entertaining and thought provoking. We represent the misunderstood, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised by confronting attitudes of narrow mindedness, bigotry, injustice and ignorance.

Alicia Liley formed the company in 1993/94. Currently CEO and Artistic Director, she has an acquired brain injury resulting from a motor car accident. Her inspiring story has been the subject of a television documentary: Alicia, which was broadcast six times nationally and also screened internationally.

Soul Theatre is currently working on The Climamania Project to tackle issues of the climate change crisis and its effect on vulnerable communities. Volunteers are needed to assist with administration, marketing and production at a variety of levels, with the potential for these to become paid positions as resources allow.

Position Summary:
The Volunteer Coordinator is a leadership role for the operational side of Soul Theatre Inc. The purpose of the role is to ensure that Volunteers are recruited, trained and retained for the operational efficiency of Soul Theatre and to ensure this is a happy experience for them. A happy Volunteer is a productive volunteer. The role is an estimated 0.4 position (averaging 2 days per week) and is currently offered on a voluntary basis.

Reports to: Organisational Development Manager Works alongside: Human Resources Officer (yet to be advertised).

Direct Reports: None.


  • Planning: 
Develop and maintain a Volunteer Policy and Procedures manual, Volunteer Charter and Implementation Strategy.
  • Recruitment, Induction and Training: Coordinate recruitment, induction and training of volunteers in conjunction with the needs of specific departments in the organisation.
  • Monitoring: Develop systems to monitor progress and support, including seeking feedback from volunteers, to ensure Soul Theatre remains a healthy positive volunteer environment. Work with team leaders to ensure that expectations placed on volunteers are realistic and achievable. Ensure volunteers make a meaningful contribution to Soul Theatre’s continuance in the theatre scene in Melbourne.
  • Organisational Cultural Development: Maintain and develop an organisational culture that mutually values and respects volunteers as well as paid staff. Respect is essential within the Soul “family”. Deal with any complaint or conflict that may occur with reference to the Volunteer Policy and Charter. Ensure no bullying or harassment behavior is tolerated.

Authority Level:
The position has authority to advise and direct volunteers and team leaders to be compliant with the Volunteers Policy and Procedures and the Implementation Strategy. Subject to the approval of the Manager, Organisational Development, to take appropriate action to ensure this compliance.

Quarterly reporting to the CEO on the Volunteers Plan and Soul Theatre Incorporated’s level of volunteer operation and operational efficiency. Annually, a report to be drafted for the Board on achievements in achieving the Production Schedule and Strategic Plan.

Essential Selection Criteria:

  • Management experience in a non-profit organisation, preferably involving leadership of volunteers.
  • Understanding of the issues facing volunteers in a non-profit organisation.
  • A commitment to developing a positive workplace culture.

Desirable selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated skills and experience in the development of Volunteer policy and procedures.
  • Previous experience in a volunteer coordination or HR role.

Persons with a disability, or persons who are deaf, and meet the above selection criteria, are encouraged to apply

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