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  • C12 – Climate Energy

    C12 – Climate Energy!

  • C11: Climate Creativity and Growth

  • SOUL’s Choir, SOULISTAS!

    AFTER MONTHS OF LOCKDOWN, SOULISTAS CAN MEET AGAIN FROM THURSDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2022! Please call Alicia to confirm attendance. COVID restrictions apply. Soulistas means zest for life, love and protection of nature, care for the oppressed and love of song and music! “Singing is the best thing you can do for your soul”, (Rosie L.) […]


    Soul Theatre Inc. presents an 8 part series of diverse and creative Sustainability Workshops addressing issues of climate change and environmental destruction, delivered by experienced and respected practitioners. Attend all 8 workshops to best participate in the finale debate: CLIMATE CHANGE – Politics vs. Community/Activism: which has the most influence in helping reduce the CRISES? WORKSHOPS – note recent changes in red 8 Sept, […]

  • S.E.A.T. (SOUL’s Educational Active Theory / Team)

    In 2018, SOUL developed a new educational initiative based in schools. S.E.A.T. is SOUL’s Educational Active Theory (or Team). It aims to educate young Australians about the urgent need to address the Climate Change Crises before it’s too (d**mned) late. The project involves a team of performing artists visiting primary and secondary schools in Victoria. […]

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